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our well-rounded training classes

Beyond the basics, + dog creates tolerant,
trusting, and confident dogs. Great job everyone
who participated in this tough class - Bean, Clark,
Cleo, Ennie, Floyd, Georgie, Gracie and Jack!


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Designed Designed to go beyond the basics, the pawsitive dog's multidimensional training classes focus on relationship, good manners & obedience. Based on a 25+ years of teaching experience (canine & equine), we not only teach your dog the classics ("sit!", "down!", "stay!", etc. ), but also address the A-Z's of canine etiquette and behavior while making learning fun! The results? An adaptable, adjustable dog, no matter what life brings.

Instead of a quick-fix approach to dog-training, we take the time to teach you how to do it right - 24-hours a day, every single day.  By looking at the overall picture, we help you to develop a strategy that meets each of your needs and simultaneously educate both you and your dog for lifelong success.

By learning to think and talk "dog," our in-depth class curriculum helps you communicate more effectively while building confidence in each other and enhancing your bond as a unique team.  We do our best to accommodate our clients' work schedules, lifestyles, learning styles and their dogs' individual temperaments.

Both you and your dog are invited to attend a weekly or bi-weekly class that runs up to one full hour in length, determined by dog/owner comfort level, activity level, and class size. The number of classes can vary anywhere between one and 100+, with most students participating in 25+, for optimal lifelong success. Click here to see our honor society – we're so proud of their commitment!

Classes vary in size from private and semi-private to a small or large group, ensuring individualized attention yet simulating a real-world environment. Fun, exciting and educational – we're certain you'll develop the skills you need to take it to the city streets! How do we know it'll work for you? We have over 10,000 dogs under our leash and 75% of our clients are referral based. Just ask around! We know you'll like what you hear!

+ dog realizes that observation and participation are key parts of any training success. Remember, it's unrealistic to teach a dog (and its owner!) all of the life skills necessary for a lifelong partnership in fewer hours than an average work day. That's why in addition to a class commitment, we encourage active students to utilize the additional resources we have available for them:

    + Audit like-level classes, free

    + Call with questions, free

    + Study with extra help sessions, for a small fee

    + Supplement with specially designed one-of-a-kind classes, for a small fee

    + Adventure with real-life training field trips

We are committed to helping owners and their dogs develop enjoyable lifelong partnerships. Let our unique curriculum and approach exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals in every way possible.

Call today or click here to contact us.

Whatever your goals, our exceptional classes ensure success. + dogs and their owners agree, training at the pawsitive dog is really something to 'bark' about!

Here's what one successful + dog client had to say about + dog's traditional classes…

"While myself and Harper still have a lot of work to do to get him more adaptive and relaxed around other dogs, I am seeing a change in our relationship that is for the better. The structure that comes from the lessons of the classes has turned our relationship around. While his aggressive tendencies were increasing and becoming more frequent or intense when we moved to Southie, it feels like now we are moving in a direction of getting those things under control.

"I love this dog more than anything, and I'm so thankful and appreciative of the work that you all do. Jen's attention to details is great; I don't know if she has a second set of eyes, but somehow she knows where she needs to be to keep everyone in the class happy and safe, and knows what is going on everywhere in the room. I'm very appreciative of her helping all the dogs succeed in the classroom environment."

— Chris H.


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the pawsitive dog training center, + dog, is Boston, Massachusetts' premier dog training facility. Our dog training professionals offer a variety of personalized programs including, but not limited to, dog obedience training, dog behavior and dog owner education. the pawsitive dog offers creative, personalized alternatives to canine classes, dog day care and dog boarding through individualized dog training programs including dog day school, overnight boarding and training stays at camp pawsitive dog, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training and more.

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