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Not to be confused with day care, the pawsitive dog day school puts your dog on the training fast track and keeps him there! This supplemental option will help set your dog up for success by getting her into training mode and then passing the leash (and results!) to you.  With up to 14-hours of steady immersion, this complete day covers all of the subjects: training, training, training, with a dose of socialization, playtime, treadmill and down time that includes crate, tether, dog bed and down stay exercises mixed in.

Whether you're looking for a jump start to training, an opportunity to fine-tune and fill in the holes, or a better way to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, day school is for you!  BONUS: this supplement program is loved by busy professionals who enjoy leaving their guilt at the door while receiving steadfast results.

Offered exclusively for dog owner teams already enrolled in traditional classes dogs attend weekly with most participating 2-3 days a week for optimal results. Our structured program is overseen by professionals — the same training faculty who train your dog in class, at camp, on home visits and during pack walks: Jen Vickery, Breslin Benyo, Francis Holder and Scott Dunmore as well as occasional interns.  With 75+ years of training experience between us, our diverse group not only gets results, but ensures your dog is comfortable with both genders and a variety of handlers who are all committed to helping you & your dog develop an enjoyable lifelong partnership.

+ dog day school is more Montessori than an all-day free-for -all recess. YES - your dog will play and network with appropriate classmates, but he will also bask in abundant amounts of TLC, and most importantly, receive several one-on-one training sessions both privately and in classes which complement your traditional class education.

Interested in enrolling your dog in + dog day school? Due to our high demand and interest in providing personalized service for all of our clients, dogs and owners alike, day school is only available to active class attendees. If you are interested in enrolling your dog in + dog day school and participating in our traditional classes, call or click here to contact us and set up your free pre-enrollment consultation today.

"What I am most proud of is that he has discovered the joy of being a dog. He is more confident, relaxed and carefree around other dogs – and so am I. I always worried that he was missing out b/c he didn't know how to play with other dogs or even with other dogs nearby. Sure, he loves walking with his friends – but he wasn't able to enjoy running and playing with them (probably more my issue than his). Now I get so excited when I drop him off at day school and he walks confidently in to the room with no concern for any dog he passes – and I get even more emotional when I see or hear about him actually 'playing' with other classmates during the day or while at camp!! And while I know not every dog is good match for him, it's nice to see the 'smile' on his face when he does find one he likes."

— Michele D.

* Looking for traditional doggie day care and not day school?
Our neighbors, Boston Red Dog, would be happy to help!

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*NOTE: + dog is an independently owned dog-training center, not affiliated with Boston Red Dog and/or its trainers.

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the pawsitive dog training center, + dog, is Boston, Massachusetts' premier dog training facility. Our dog training professionals offer a variety of personalized programs including, but not limited to, dog obedience training, dog behavior and dog owner education. the pawsitive dog offers creative, personalized alternatives to canine classes, dog day care and dog boarding through individualized dog training programs including dog day school, overnight boarding and training stays at camp pawsitive dog, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training and more.

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