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Are you a visual learner? So is your dog! + dog believes that observation and participation are equally important to your success in developing an enjoyable, lifelong partnership. That's why in addition to traditional classes we offer several unique ways for you to utilize us as a resource. These one-of-a-kind options are sure to enhance your education by helping you retain valuable information, refine your skills and advance your training goals.

audit – Free to active students, here's your chance to observe and review any class you've already participated in, at no additional cost to you. Leave your dog at home, come in, grab a soda and kick back and relax. Watch other + dog students learning the key components you've already started. Ask any follow-up questions you may have… all FREE while enrolled as a + dog student! We guarantee you'll learn something new, AGAIN.

study hall – Another creative way to get the most out of training, at a place where the barking won't disturb your neighbors, the distractions are all under control and your trainer is just steps away. These extra-help sessions at + dog are designed to allow active students the opportunity to practice in a safe, structured class environment without the pressures or cost of your traditional classes. For a nominal fee, whatever your level, there's a study hall to help you create a relaxed, receptive, respectful and response dog. After all, practice makes perfect.

after-school program – Another way to increase your education at a reduced cost. Here's your chance to get your paws on all types of dogs and receive class for half price. We believe that all owners benefit from enhanced handling skills and learning how to "think dog." All dogs benefit from successful socialization and positive interactions with people beyond their immediate pack. Come in and take class with a day school dog! This unique program will help you hone your skills as you participate in multi-level classes with a variety of day school dogs — all ages, breeds, temperaments, and levels. It will help your day school dog build up his or her confidence, comfort level, tolerance and adaptability through successful interaction with, and training by, different dog owners who speak the same language as you. Added Bonus: work on your dog's jealous tendencies and have him watch from the sidelines for FREE. Everyone benefits!

"Trendy collar and matching leash: $55
"Memory foam dog bed: $80
High-value treats: $12
Study Hall with Jen at +dog: $20
Having my puppy remain in a perfect down-stay in the dining room as four adults and two kids hysterically run around outside collecting, securing, and covering items strewn about the acre yard ahead of a surprise, impending downpour, leaving a scrumptious steak dinner beckoning enticingly on the dining room table: Priceless."
— Amy C.

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If you know a dog-owner team who could benefit from a + dog education, share this site.
Thank you for your help paving the way toward a better life for humans & canines.

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the pawsitive dog training center, + dog, is Boston, Massachusetts' premier dog training facility. Our dog training professionals offer a variety of personalized programs including, but not limited to, dog obedience training, dog behavior and dog owner education. the pawsitive dog offers creative, personalized alternatives to canine classes, dog day care and dog boarding through individualized dog training programs including dog day school, overnight boarding and training stays at camp pawsitive dog, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training and more.