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the sans-dog start up

pre-arrival preparation –
human training sans dog
"Puppy-less puppy class was the smartest thing I ever could have done before getting our new dog (all lecture, no leash - less dog!) We trained at + dog with our first dog, and even though it was 11 years ago , I thought I remembered everything. I didn't.

"When you find a rhythm with your dog, you forget all the things it took to create that relationship. I wanted to ensure that we would develop that again with our new guy. Jen assured me that this refresher training would help us imprint our puppy (and ourselves) with the right tools, right from the start. Rather than correct problems once they've happened, we're giving ourselves and our pup the best possible chance of positive growth right from the beginning.

"An added benefit: once you're in the + dog crew, you're in. You know all those times you wish you could call your doctor just to make sure your headache isn't a brain tumor? Well, you get that with + dog : customized attention just for you and your dog. No question is too small or silly. The trainers are available and responsive, and they provide answers and guidance whenever you need it."
— Sarah S.

Are you jumping up and down waiting for a chance to start training at the pawsitive dog? Are you trying to gather as much information as you can so you can set your new dog up for success the minute he/she bounds through the door? Or, maybe you simply cannot wait any longer for your pawsitive dog education to begin and the opportunity to become the leader your dog wants you to be?

If so, we have an educational opportunity for you. Our in-depth focus on foundation "sans dog" startup is the answer you've been looking for.

That's right! This power packed session is chock full of the things you didn't know you didn't know and is designed to share thirty years of dog training tips that you can implement right away. It is the most important session we teach. You get to enjoy the benefits of the pawsitive dog classroom without your dog as together we go through your day-to-day and see what to add, what to subtract and just how you can become the leader your dog wants you to be. You're sure to go home with an entire new skill set that enhances your relationship and sets your dog up for good manners, solid obedience and more.

Exclusive to the + dog curriculum, this unique training option lets you focus on your education first and then focus on you & your dog as a team. We have no doubt you will leave with many pages of notes and more information than you ever expected. Whether you're still dog shopping, waiting for your new pup to arrive, or counting the days until you can schedule a pre-enrollment consultation, this sans dog, focus on foundation session is for you!

Why do we require this option before you participate in any of our other programs? Because human training should always happen before dog training.

  • even if you already have your dog, taking this all-important session without a distraction at the end of the leash means you can fill in the holes, ask lots of questions, take lots of notes and really jump-start your training journey. You'll go home ready to retrain your dog's brain right now… before bringing your dog into the classroom to join you.
  • and if you do not yet have your pooch, having the opportunity to gain valuable information before your dog comes home allows you to set your dog up for success by being proactive not reactive. You can fully prepare for your new arrival and begin teaching the fundamentals of a great relationship from day #1. Talk about a time saver!

Either way, you'll come into your consultation with a stable foundation, better understanding and be more prepared to get the most out of your training dollar. You can then confidently join our traditional classes and day school or accelerated overnight training combinations one step ahead of the pack.

Bonus: After this workshop, you're invited to call with questions and then fine-tune each exercise during your post -consultation follow-up training. Just another way the pawsitive dog customizes the experience and solidifies your dog's foundation to create an enjoyable lifelong partnership that will last for years to come.

Didn't think it could get any better? This session is available in-person at our training center and via phone consults.

It's really a no-brainer. This session holds the most important information we teach—information that every + dog student has been taught since we began. So why not hold onto pen and paper instead of leash and dog and get a head start with no 4-legged interruptions, no multi-tasking? We invite you to enroll in our Focus on Foundation, "sans dog" start up today.

Want to learn more? Your chance to begin your training journey with confidence awaits! Simply call 617-541-1000 or contact us for more information, dates and enrollment. See you there!

*As with our consultation, at the time of registration we require a credit card deposit to hold any scheduled "sans dog" session. While phone consults are available all year long, in-person session availability varies throughout the year.

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